Special Thanks to those that have helped in so many different ways.

I've got everything on my own and that makes me immune to those that cannot..
But… Maybe not as I owe many a debt that I will never be able to pay in kind.

Mom, Chuck, Dee, Dad, Chief, G’Ma, Cioci, Bob, Mike, Derek, Larry, Billy, Jim, Matt, Mitch, Ray, Tom, Ronnie, Harpo’s, Wonderland Music, A&R Music, Harmony House Records, PolyGram Records, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Wieneke, Alan, Music Go Round, Guitar Center Hollywood, Ben, Karen Anderson, Eric, Joe, Gene Baker, Rik, Dillip, Shaggy, D Stacy, Lee Hilton, Cynthia, Clarence and John, Jerry M, Steve, The Sisters, Zack, Debbie and Rich, Hunter, Millee, Jordan, Little Dog. Sadie, Parker, Tundra, Shyla, Mr. Purdie, Denise, Raven Works, Southland Sales, Dunlop, Sadie, Parker, Tundra, Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon, Tasha, The møøse trained to mix concrete and sign complicated insurance forms by Jurgen Wigg., 40 specially trained Ecuadorian mountain llamas from Llama Fresh Farms Inc. Michael Schneider (Designer Extraordinaire),

Warmoth Guitar, BMF Effects, Moses Graphite, Jay, Mindy,
Alex Goldberg, Jason, Ross and the crew at Drum City Guitarland, Frank, James Leboeuf, Scott Kaye, Austin Young, Mama Hawk, Richard Wood, Gunner, Seth, Q, Chrissy, Niamh, Josh and Liam, Elite Bill. Mike Parkinson, Todd, Mike Scott, Patti and her favorite drummer, M£S, Michael Parker, Mats Sundin, Paul W, Louise Jayne Moriarty, Karen Allman, Reginald, Mr Baldwin, Mr. Zimmerman, Sunset Grill, Forrest Raup, The Pacific Ocean and the Huron River. Whiskey and Butter, My dog named Reagan, Will, The crazy ass duck with projectile... Brave Heart, Two Socks. Aspen, Hal, The large møøse on the left channel of the third song from the end of every album given a thorough grounding in Latin, French and "F" level Music Industry by Bo Benn, Dr. Gruber, Rick. Zophia,  Berklee College of Music,                     

James Patrick Page
Jerry Z

Extra Special Thanks

 All my family, friends and fans. Those that believed in me and especially those that did not and still do not,
Thanks to Randy for reconstructing my hand. Without you there would be no SoulGypsy 

Capital Thanks

Warmoth, Jim Dunlap D'Angelico, Jetslide, Ernie Ball, Downloops, Moses Graphite, Carvin, BMF Effects, Yamaha, Hohner, Fender, Republic Guitars, Roland, ,Apple, BBE, Adobe, Magix,

The Soul of my Gypsy

A very special sincere and deeply heartfelt Thank You to my wife, best friend. My SoulMate since 1980 but according to our parents we actually met arguing over a pinball machine in 1969: 
My dearest Shell. 
Without her none of this exists.