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“ Had to pause and comment on your mixing technique. Pretty cool the way you've carefully overdubbed the same guitar, easy to see why somebody might think it was a twelve string. was a roadie for many years and play a bit of Delta Blues for my sins. Geatest of fortunes man. ” 

“ like it reminds me of my youth ” 

“ Very soothing. I needed it right now. ” 

“ I thought this was Led Zeppelin when I was listening to this in the beginning of the song. ” 

“ Awesome instrumentals, Enjoyed the rawness. Keep em coming... ” 

“ you guys sound like the small faces ogden's nut gone flake album, Awesome! ” 

“ Who's JP ??? This group will stand on its own accord and will do very well !!! ” 

“ The guitar is singing to you if a person listens, love it! ” 

“ 1st thing that grabbed my ear was the sound. Very good production :-) ” 

“ Great sound-touches one soul. ” 

“ 4 bars and know this is rocket with a bullet ” 

“ love the guitar work a very pleasant surprise to hear this music ” 

“ Smooth like a sunday morning, tasty and flavourful, somthing that I could listen to over and over, mellow my friend, you have the sound. ” 

“ drifty, cosmic relaxing sound ” 


“ Sounds good, brings a feeling of vastness and loneliness. ” 

“ Very enjoyable! I didn't even notice I had changed to a newer artist! It fits in perfect with the older and classical Rock. LOVE IT!!! Keep it up! ” 

“ Has a comfortable feel like Led Zeppelin. Feels like I always liked it. Know what I mean? ” 


“ Put the roots music in spin cycle and let those colors bleed together, baby! Stay crazy just like you are. ” 

“ they have a nice, soothing sound that is quite unique, it's got a traditional flare but still their own ” 

“ reminds me of older acoustic works from some of the greats ” 

“ This song is awesome. I would like to hear more of your music. It's really dreamy and takes me to another place and time."

“ cool, refreshing. sounds old and new at the same time ” 


“ Thought for sure I was listening to Jimmy Page. Lovely ” 

“ Distictively different instrumental sound, refreshingly new. ” 

“ One of my favorite guitar rifts in folk-rock music is the driving, incessant finger work in Bob Dylan's Tangled Up In Blue. Sadie Bear's axing is compelling like that and at the same time unique of course. Ah! Soul Gypsy! How do I get one in my Soul? The immovable object there takes up all the room. No irresistible forces need apply. ” 

“ Caught me in a good mood and made it better, Love the guitar... ” 

“ well, I was playing WoW and I didnt even realize this was not a well known band. Thought it was the same band who did Free Bird! WELL DONE. Normally I just skip the unknown bands 'cause the dont sound good. Keep it up! ” 

“ down to earth, something i feel i can relate to, just the type of music iv always been looking for. deffinetely going to tellmy friends ”

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